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New biography offers novel approach to life of Muhammad

By Joseph Hammond — November 12, 2021
(RNS) — In his new book, 'Muhammad, the World-Changer: An Intimate Portrait,' biographer Mohamad Jebara takes long-established sources and weaves them together for a fresh telling of a familiar story.

Muslims win office in US municipal elections in 2021

By Joseph Hammond — November 10, 2021

AI technology resurrects the voice of Laleh Bakhtiar

By Joseph Hammond — November 9, 2021
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Empowering Muslims to tell their own stories

By Simran Jeet Singh — November 9, 2021
(RNS) — A newly funded fellowship for Muslim artists puts power into the hands of Muslim creatives.

US Holocaust Museum says China boosting Uyghur repression

By Matthew Lee — November 9, 2021
The museum says it has compiled evidence of increasing government repression against Uyghur Muslims in China’s western Xinjiang region, something China has repeatedly declined.

What is the Nation of Islam and why is Marjorie Taylor Greene praising it?

By Paul O'Donnell — November 8, 2021
(RNS) — Anti-vaccine conspiracies and rampant populism represent definite parallels between the Georgia congresswoman's agenda and the Nation's.

RNS holiday gift guide 2021: Treat yourself to cozy socks or a self-care box

By Emily McFarlan Miller — November 8, 2021
(RNS) — Our holiday gift guide is full of ideas for all the people of faith — or no faith — on your list.

European diversity campaign celebrating Hijab ended after French backlash

By Joseph Hammond — November 8, 2021
(RNS) — A Council of Europe spokesperson told the BBC the organization had taken down the campaign tweets, 'while we reflect on a better presentation of the project.'

How religious is your average 22-year-old? A new golden age of survey data opens a door.

By Ryan Burge — November 5, 2021
(RNS) — A decade ago, we couldn’t answer many questions on American faith habits with accuracy.

A new generation of Muslim American media puts women in focus

By Joseph Hammond — November 1, 2021
(RNS) — 'I think today there is a shift in the media industry writ large with more and more women going into the profession,' said the editor in chief of American Muslim Today. 'That is being reflected in the Muslim community.'

New ‘Dune’ movie gives us a messiah for uncertain times

By Jillian Cheney — October 27, 2021
(RNS) — Legions of fans of Frank Herbert’s mystical 1965 sci-fi novel have been waiting for someone to get the screen version right. The HBO Max adaptation goes a long way, with a few nods to modern sensibilities.

Rashad Hussain faces Senate committee on historic nomination

By Joseph Hammond — October 26, 2021
(RNS) — The former Obama administration official’s confirmation would make him the first Muslim to hold the position.

NBA’s Enes Kanter targets China, Nike over Uyghur genocide

By Joseph Hammond — October 26, 2021
(RNS) — Kanter, one of the most visible Muslims in the NBA, donned a pair of custom shoes Monday with the slogans ‘modern day slaves’ and ‘no more excuses’ emblazoned on them.

Confirming Rashad Hussain would show that religious freedom is a cause that unites us

By Robert P. George and David Saperstein — October 26, 2021
(RNS) — No ambassador has brought a broader knowledge of policy to the post.

Halaloween brings Muslim horror films to your computer screen

By Emily McFarlan Miller — October 25, 2021
(RNS) — The films aren't just spooky; they also offer a glimpse into a number of social, religious and cultural issues facing Muslim societies all over the world.
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